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Esteban Aranda Rodriguez

Graduate of CENADAC (Centro Nacional de danza contemporánea de Mexico), specializing in Graham technique, under the direction of: Antonia Quiroz, Sergio Perez, Orlando Scheker among others.
He began researching the Graham technique in Bolivia under the direction of Ana Cecilia Moreno (pioneer of the Graham technique in Bolivia) at the Eduardo Laredo Institute. He continued his research in Argentina with Stella Maris Isoldi, in Mexico and in Italy where he became part of the Tecniche di Danza Moderna team under the direction of Caterina Rago through a grant from Christine Dakin. Esteban has taught workshops in Bolivia and Mexico and continues to work as an independent researcher in the field.

He currently lives in Asturias, Spain.

Esteban Aranda Rodriguez

Egresado del CENADAC (Centro Nacional de Danza Contemporánea de México) especializado en Técnica Graham, dictado por los maestros: Antonia Quiroz, Sergio Perez, Orlando Scheker entre otros.
Empezó a investigar la Técnica Graham en Bolivia gracias a la maestra Ana Cecilia Moreno (Pionera del Graham en Bolivia) en el Instituto Eduardo Laredo, continuó su búsqueda por Argentina con Stella Maris Isoldi, Mexico e Italia donde se hizo parte del staff de Tecniche di Danza Moderna dirigido por Caterina Rago a través de una beca con la Maestra Christine Dakin.
Esteban ha impartido cursos en Bolivia y México, se ha desempeñado como investigador independiente de la técnica hasta la fecha.

Actualmente vive en Asturias, España.


No matter the age of the student, the message I want to convey through the teaching of movement is the same. I want my students, above all, to be in rhythm and time, not just participating in something that has no relationship to the other dancers or to the music. I try to give the excitement of dance. I explain to them what they are doing, how they are breathing. You can be Eastern or Burmese or what have you, but the function and the awareness of the body results in dance and you become a dancer, not just a human being.