Esteban Aranda Rodriguez

Member of the International Dance Council CID [No.26463]

Graham Researcher
Oviedo, España

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Over 7 years of experience


Bachelor’s degree in Arts and Humanities with a mention in modern dance at the Institute of Integral Education and Artistic Training Eduardo Laredo in Bolivia (2005-2012). Training and cast member of Dance Studio Jazz by Walter Albarracín and DanzArmonía by Martha Levi in Bolivia (2011-2013). Scholarship at Ballet 5: 8 School of the Arts in Chicago, USA (2013-2014), training in academic technique, artistic participation there. Also in 2014, he received a full scholarship for a men’s course at the Instituto Superior de Arte del Teatro Colón in Buenos Aires, Argentina. In 2018, he completed his professional training at the National School of Contemporary Dance in México, specializing in the Graham technique.

From 2010 to the present, he has been an independent researcher of modern dance, focusing on the technique of Martha Graham, and has given several dance and movement research workshops in Bolivia (Instituto Eduardo Laredo, Dance Studio Jazz, Danzarmonía, Revolution Jazz Dance and LosQuestamos), the United States (Ballet 5: 8) and Mexico (Graham Dance Center). He has also participated in dance festivals in Bolivia, Argentina, the United States and Mexico.

In 2019, it will be a member of the International Dance Council “CID”, supported by UNESCO. In addition, he begins to work in Rome, Italy, to date with CR Dance Company as project coordinator of Tecniche di Danza Moderna (training program directed by Caterina Rago) through a grant with Christine Dakin.

Since 2013 he has been producing and editing promotional videos for the company “Ballet 5: 8”. In 2014, he is part of the collective creation “Estancados/Stagnant”, a Bolivian dance video that won the “Best Independent Filmmaker 2016” award at the GEABVEDIP Festival in India, among others. In 2015, he finished the Cine Registro course at the National Center for the Arts in México. Later in 2016, he finished the Photographic Composition program at Educate Centros de Formación, the same year he graduated with a merit degree in Video at Shaw Academy. In 2020, he completed a graphic design program at the California Institute of the Arts “CALARTS” thanks to a scholarship from the Coursera platform.

Several of his projects make the official selection and are finalists in more than fifteen video festivals in America, Asia and Europe.

He currently lives in Oviedo, Asturias, Spain.

Master and Bachelor


2015 — 2018

Centro Nacional de Danza Contemporánea

Querétaro - México (Modern Dance - Ballet)

Graham Technique specialization

[Pre professional certificate]

Instructors: Sergio Pérez, Zumayra Zepeda, Irma Sierra, Orlando Scheker, Claudia Herrera, Beatríz Juan Gil, Deyanira Castañeda

2015 — 2016

Centro Nacional de las Artes

CDMX - México (CineRegistro)


2014 — 2015

Instituto Superior de Arte del Teatro Colón

Buenos Aires - Argentina (Ballet)

Programa de Varones

Instructors: Alejandro Tulio Totto, Marcelo Antelo, Sergio Hochbaum

2013 — 2014

Ballet 5:8 School of the Arts

Frankfort, IL - USA


Instructors: Juliana Slager, Amy Kozol Sanderson, Lauen Ader Level 5A Average 8.9 / 10

2012 — 2013

Dance Studio Jazz de Walter Albarracín

Cochabamba, Bolivia


Instructors: Walter Albarracín, Leonardo Albarracín, Jorge Rivero

2011 — 2013

Danzarmonía Escuela de Danza Clásica

Cochabamba, Bolivia


Instructors: Martha Lévy, Lily Centellas Lévy

2005 — 2012

Instituto de educación Integral y formación Artística “Eduardo Laredo”

Cochabamba, Bolivia

Bachelor of Arts: Modern technique/Contemporary Dance

8.2 / 10 Humanities and social sciences 9.1 / 10 Arts.

Instructors: Ana Cecilia Moreno, Carmen Collazos, Sylvia Fernández Karla Rocha, Paola Rivero, Stella Pando, Liliana Galindo


“Verde que te quiero ladrillo” [Videodance] Apote, Bolivia - Director/Dancer/Editing (Performance)

“Prom dance” CENADAC Querétaro, México - Dancer (Contemporary)

Towards a path [Videodance] CDMX, México - Dancer/Video editing (Performance)

Mi Pérdida Preferida [Videodance] Querétaro, México - Camera/Video editing

Mi casa tiene alas [Videodance] Querétaro, México - Camera/Creative Edition

La dama de los evangelios [Videodance] Querétaro, México - Camera/Creative Edition

Mirada Corporal [Documentary film/Videodance] Querétaro, México - Camera/Creative Edition

Alter Ego [Videodance] USA/México - Video editing

Paz [Videodance] Querétaro, México - Dancer/Video editing (Performance)

Me pica la cabeza [Videodance] Querétaro, México - Performer/Video editing (Performance)

“La vie en rose” Fundacion Julio Boca Buenos Aries, Argentina - Dancer (Contemporary)

Estancados/Stagnant [Videodance] Cochabamba, Bolivia - Dancer (Contemporary)

“Tributo al dia de las madres” Eduardo Laredo Cochabamba, Bolivia - Choreographer (Neoclassic)

Highlights Ballet 5:8 [Promotional] Chicago, IL - Camera/Editing

“Joy” Ballet 5:8 Company Chicago, IL - Dancer (Ballet)

“The Carpenter’s Son“ Ballet 5:8 School of the arts Chicago, IL - Dancer (Ballet)

“Contraste” [Tesis] Eduardo Laredo Cochabamba, Bolivia - Choreographer (Contemporary)

“Carnaval de Fantasía” Danzaarmonia Cochabamba, Bolivia - Dancer (Ballet)

“Aire” 4to International Dance Festival Sucre, Bolivia - Dancer (Contemporary)

“Guacamole” Atempo Danza Festival Cochabamba, Bolivia - Guest Dancer (Contemporary)

“Franklin Anaya Festival “ Eduardo Laredo Cochabamba, Bolivia - Dancer (Modern/Contemporary)

Tecniche di Danza Moderna   2019 - present
Coordinator/Graphic design
[email protected]
Roma - Italia

Graham floor and basic mechanisms   2020 - present

Introdución a la técnia Graham   2019
FASES Centro de Formación Artistica
Talleres de Adaptación e ingreso
Santa Cruz - Bolivia

Entrenamiento Corporal con elementos Graham   2019
+ Charla audio-visual: Análisis de la Técnica Graham aplicada a las clases
- Escuela Boliviana Intercultural de Danza [La Paz - Bolivia]
- Dance Studio Jazz [Cochabamba - Bolivia]
Summer course


Entrenamiento Técnico con elementos Graham   2018
Proyecto Verterados
Cochabamba - Bolivia

Taller de Danza Moderna   2017
Graham Dance Center
Summer course
Michoacán - México

Taller de Danza Moderna   2015
Revolution Jazz Dance
Cochabamba - Bolivia

Taller de Alineamiento Corporal   2015
Taller de Danza Moderna   2014
Taller de Entrenamiento Físico   2014
Dance Studio Jazz de Walter Albarracín
Cochabamba - Bolivia

Taller de Danza Moderna   2014 - 2015
Cochabamba - Bolivia

Modern and Improvisation workshop   2013 - 2014
Ballet 5:8 School of the Arts
Chicago - USA

Substitute teacher contemporary dance   2013 - 2015
Instituto de Educacion Integral y Formación Artística
“Eduardo Laredo”
Cochabamba - Bolivia

Tecniche di Danza Moderna
Summer Course with Christine Dakin
Modern Dance [80% tuition Scholarship]
2019 | Roma - Italia

Centro Nacional de Danza Contemporánea
International Summer Course for Dancers
Graham Technique [Full tuiton Scholarship]
July 2016 | Querétaro - México

Instituto Superior de Arte del Teatro Colón
Curso de Varones
Ballet [Full tuition Scholarship]
2014 - 2015 | Buenos Aires - Argentina

Ballet 5:8 School of the Arts
Ballet [Full tuition Scholarship]
2013 - 2014 | Frankfort, IL - USA

Dance Studio Jazz de Walter Albarracín
Jazz [Full tuition Scholarship]
2012 - 2013 | Cochabamba, Bolivia

Ballet [Full tuition Scholarship]
2011 - 2012 | Cochabamba, Bolivia


Content Creator / Teamwork / Quick learning / Music reading / Ear training / Singing / Solfege / Graphic Design / Web Design / Video Editing / Reflex Photography / Digital Photo Retouching.


Final Cut X
Motion 5
Logic Pro X
Microsoft Office pack
Video Editing
Reflex Photography
Web Design
Graphic Design
Content Creator
Audio Editing
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"Best Independent Filmmaker"

Kolkata, India


40th Elche International Independent film festival

"Documental Semi-Finalist"

Alicante, España


Gran IndeWise Convention


Kolkata, India